Republic of Bashkortostan
May 24-26, 2024
Bashkortostan Successfully Engaged All Concerned Parties in Investment Process
Zauralye-2024 6th All-Russia Investment Sabantuy hosted a meeting of the Strategic Initiatives Club. The participants discussed creating favorable conditions for investment activities at the municipal level.
The event was participated by representatives of federal executive bodies, organizations, public associations, development institutions, and heads of municipalities of Bashkortostan.

“Under the current challenging conditions of global economic turbulence, our task is to create the most comfortable climate for investment activity,” said Andrey Nazarov, Head of the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan. “In this direction, our Republic is advancing at an extraordinarily rapid pace. Over the past five years, we got ahead of 12 positions in the National Investment Climate Index, now placing us fourth in the country. And that's just the beginning”.

Assessing the results of this work, the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers emphasized that the region has successfully consolidated its positive investment dynamics. Moreover, it is almost twice as high as the national average. From 2019 to 2023, the Republic has attracted over 2 trillion 300 million RUB of capital investments. Their growth has increased by one and a half times. This is the result of the well-coordinated efforts of the entire big team led by Radiy Khabirov, Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

It is important that all concerned parties were engaged in the investment process. Four years ago, the institution of Business Sheriffs was established in the Republic, proving highly effective for fostering effective interaction between entrepreneurs and municipal bodies directly at the local level. The Government of Russia recognized this practice and recommended it for replication in other regions.

Andrey Nazarov says that it is not enough to merely create a new tool for investor outreach at the local level. It is necessary to form a standard of activity of the municipality. It was developed in 2019, preceding federal trends by a year and a half. This approach is now being adopted nationwide. Besides, it is based on the Republic's developments. Two years ago, the municipal standard was upgraded to reflect the new reality. All necessary and relevant algorithms for attracting investors and engaging with the entrepreneurial community are now integrated into it. But we must not stop now. We must always stay vigilant and promptly adjust the standard as needed.

The Republic has developed a unique practice of holding Investment Hours led by the Head of Bashkortostan. This practice has also been implemented at the municipal level.
108 practices have been published on Smarteka digital platform, providing the exchange and spread of effective practices aimed at achieving national goals and key performance indicators of governors, with Bashkortostan leading the implementation and realization efforts.

The Head of the Cabinet of Ministers stated that today 45% of the national investment attractiveness index is determined by the regional investment standard. Since 2022, the Republic has been actively engaged in the federal initiative aimed at creating a support system of Local Investment Standard new investment projects.

According to the results of the National Investment Climate Index last year, Bashkortostan ranked 3rd in terms of the efficiency index of the investment standard implementation. Today in Bashkortostan, 176 enterprises have become participants of the Labour Performance national project. The Republic has concluded three federal agreements on the protection and promotion of capital investments, totaling 142 billion rubles.

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General information:
6th Zauralye-2024 All-Russia Investment Sabantuy began in Sibay. It is participated by delegations from more than 10 countries from near and far abroad, including Belarus, China, Türkiye, Iran and Uzbekistan.
The event is organized by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan. General partner of the Investment Sabantuy is Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company. The partners also include Bashkir Ice Cream, Krasny Klyuch, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
Field-specific sessions and the plenary session have the participants discussing issues of attracting investments, boosting export activities, developing monotowns, domestic tourism, digitization of city environment and natural environment.
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