Republic of Bashkortostan
May 24-26, 2024
Forum of Business Sheriffs as Part of Zauralye-2024 Gets International Status
In 2024, the annual Forum of Business Sheriffs within the framework of Zauralye Investment Sabantuy got the international status. The participants come from many places, such as Uzbekistan, Belarus, Moscow, Ingushetia, Ulyanovsk, Saratov, Penza, Kherson Regions and the Republic of Crimea.

The main topic of the 3rd International Forum of Business Sheriffs: Business and Government. Strong Entrepreneur in Partnership with Efficient Region was the exchange of experience and best practices in state-business interactions, as well as the analysis of the small business landscape and issues related to state support measures for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The team of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism of Bashkortostan organized the forum in a communication-focused format. At the very beginning, a real-time survey was conducted among the business sheriffs via a QR code displayed on the screen. Participants were asked to rank the importance of various support measures for entrepreneurs. Participants considered property support the most significant (61%), including preferential rent, installment buyout, and gratuitous use. Business sheriffs also consider information and legal support, as well as personnel training, to be important.

Rustam Muratov, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan - Minister of Economic Development and Investment Policy of the Republic of Bashkortostan says that without feedback from entrepreneurs and the institution of business sheriffs, it would not have been possible to establish a comprehensive systematic approach to working with investors. Over the past 5 years, investments in fixed assets in Bashkortostan have grown by nearly 53%, reaching an unprecedented 620 billion rubles in 2023.

“For us to progress, it is crucial to learn from best practices, understand business needs, and identify problems and shortcomings. Therefore, with the arrival of Radiy Khabirov as the Head of the Republic, we always speak openly about these issues and do not overlook the difficulties. And, of course, we cannot do this without feedback from you, without the best practices of other regions. We chose to host this significant forum in Sibay precisely because it's a small town, much like many others across every state and region. Here, we aim to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by small towns without overshadowing them with large-scale infrastructure projects,” the First Deputy Prime Minister explained.

Zukhra Gordienko, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism of the Republic of Bashkortostan, highlighted the effective business support practices in the region. She pointed out that the number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Bashkortostan has been consistently growing each year, reaching 140.3 thousand units by the end of April 2024, reflecting a 5.6% increase.

“Our small and medium-sized businesses contribute 27.5% to the gross regional product and are responsible for providing employment to over a quarter of the region's workforce. This is almost 565 thousand people. The establishment of Business Sheriffs in the region represents our successful practice and an effective tool for engaging with entrepreneurs. Over the past 5 years, with their assistance, we have addressed over 22 thousand entrepreneurial projects and issues, amounting to a total investment of about 1 trillion rubles. The projects considered solely in 2023 with the assistance of Business Sheriffs are projected to generate approximately 28 thousand new jobs,” added the Minister.

Roman Kamaev, Deputy DirectorCEO of the National Priorities Autonomous Nonprofit Organization (Moscow), emphasized the significance of informing entrepreneurs about national projects using tangible, real-world examples of successful project implementation rather than relying solely on formal documents.

“Entrepreneurs often hesitate to venture into foreign markets, expand their business operations there, or scale up. We see the potential of national projects here. In the past six years, there have been significant investments in the state economy, infrastructure development, the tourism industry, and beautification initiatives. People should know about these projects, should expand the use of state support in order to strengthen competition in the market. Currently, national projects like "Small and Medium Entrepreneurship," "International Cooperation and Export," "Professionalism," and "Tourism and Hospitality Industry" are actively supporting businesses across the country. We're willing to share all of our content for you to use with entrepreneurs”.

Foreign colleagues shared their advanced practices. In Uzbekistan, the role of a business sheriff is fulfilled by an assistant to the khokim. The financial resources allocated to this structure for 2022 totaled 12.5 trillion UZS. Mukhtor Shonazarov, Deputy Head of the Agency for Mahallabay and Entrepreneurship Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan pointed out the similarity of mentality, languages and traditions of the two regions. “This speeds up many processes between partners.

We are interested in joint projects with small businesses in Bashkortostan. A joint tour of textile manufacturers is planned in the near future. We'll help each other to establish common productions,” said Mukhtor Shonazarov.

The CEO of the Belarusian Fund for Financial Support of Entrepreneurs, Petr Arushanyants, spoke about facilitating industrial cooperation between small and medium-sized businesses in the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Bashkortostan.

“Just like you do in Bashkortostan, we involve small and medium-sized businesses in the operational chains of production enterprises. Our system is built in such a way that all large enterprises in Belarus can meet their needs with goods from small businesses, which are listed on the enterprises' websites. We have started to actively involve Russian and Bashkortostan companies in this mechanism. Everything we need is available from your manufacturers,” emphasized the representative of Belarus.

The forum will also include a case workshop on Best Practices of Forming and Developing Entrepreneurial Competence, focusing on discussions about tools for collaboration with support institutions. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange experiences and best practices in the field of government-business interaction. During the case workshop, personalized counseling will be provided to all participants. Participants will have the chance to engage with experts, ask questions, and analyze business cases together.

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6th Zauralye-2024 All-Russia Investment Sabantuy began in Sibay. The Forum is participated by delegations from various countries, such as China, Iran, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Türkiye, India and Italy.

The event is organized by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan. General partner of the Investment Sabantuy is Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company. The partners also include Bashkir Ice Cream, Krasny Klyuch, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

Field-specific sessions and the plenary session have the participants discussing issues of attracting investments, boosting export activities, developing monotowns, domestic tourism, digitization of city environment and natural environment.

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