Republic of Bashkortostan
May 24-26, 2024
Ruslan Kinzikeev: “Sanctions Triggered Italian-Bashkir Relations”
The 6th Zauralye-2024 All-Russia Investment Sabantuy became a platform for discussing new approaches to finding foreign partners, working out alternative logistics chains and financial flows in the conditions of unprecedented sanctions pressure on Russia. The Friendly Interactions between Italian and Russian Entrepreneurs as Soft Power of Fair Global Economy Panel Session allowed to unite entrepreneurs from Russia, Bashkortostan and Italy to discuss the development of the country's multidimensional, multi-sectoral, high-tech economy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized that Russia does not consider any nations in the West or East to be unfriendly or hostile. The meeting within the framework of the Investment Sabantuy confirmed that not only is our country still open to all those who intend to continue, develop, and strengthen economic ties, but also that foreign entrepreneurs are actively seeking opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation. Moreover, in some areas, sanctions have only accelerated these processes.

“I have been engaged in Italian-Bashkir relations since 2009. The activity of our Italian partners, both in entrepreneurship and culture, has increased manifold. It is as if a trigger has been pulled. Everything was calm, you could travel, and there was not such activity as there is today,” admitted Ruslan Kinzikeev, Chairperson of the Public Council of the Representative Office of Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly in the Republic of Bashkortostan and Representative of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Representatives of the SLY technology platform, designed for early detection and monitoring of forest fires, were able to present their product via videoconference and offered it to protect the forests of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Oksana Golovko, Head of the You Can Youth Internship Agency told about the internship possibilities in Italy for students from Russia and Kazakhstan. During 3-6 months young people learn the language and specifics of work in the tourism industry of the country, and then receive an official document allowing them to get a good high-paid job.

Igor Kotelnikov, cardiac surgeon of the Milan Diagnostic Centre spoke about his 20-year work on treatment of patients from Russia in Italy and about holding master classes in Russia. The doctor says that even today cooperation in this area continues to develop.
Andrea Bettoni, Vice President of the SantAgostino Italian Local Non-Profit Association, announced a large number of initiatives, ranging from opening Italian restaurants in Ufa to cooperation in the cultural sphere. This is the third time he has taken part in the Investment Sabantuy. He believes that the Zauralye Forum is a real catalyst for the development of international relations.

“We love being here. Both last year and this year are great. I believe that it gets better and better every year,” Andrea Bettoni admitted. “We are interested in developing relations between Bashkortostan and Italy. Other Italians can also visit this place, see this beautiful land, beautiful nature, get acquainted with the interesting culture of the Republic and, maybe, also then create their own business here.”

The discussion was very active, with new ideas and proposals being voiced and decided upon right during the session. As a result, a seminar on cheese making may soon be held in Ufa, and the You Can Company’s student internship project in Italy will be extended to include older people. The meeting participants say that the warm, friendly atmosphere of the session demonstrates that even during a period of major geopolitical confrontation, Russia can not only preserve but also actively develop international cooperation and create opportunities for creating high-tech industries within the country.

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