Republic of Bashkortostan
May 24-26, 2024
Zauralye-2024 Investment Sabantuy Presented 300-Year-Old Samovar

The organizers of Zauralye-2024 Investment Sabantuy have traditionally prepared interesting cultural events alongside a busy business program.
Today, Terra Zauralye Park hosted a samovar competition. The contestants, including residents from different districts of the Republic as well as other regions of Russia, brought samovars of various sizes and shapes.

For example, Baymak residents presented a large 40-liter copper samovar, while contestants from Orenburg brought a 300-year-old sbiten, the ancestor of samovars. The owner of this museum exhibit is Denis Korobov, who has been collecting samovars for a long time.

“We have a shop-museum in Orenburg city, as well as a restoration workshop,” said Denis. “We collected samovars from all over the country. One of the rarest pieces is a 300-year-old red copper samovar.”

The collection of Mansur Saitkulov from Baymak also includes ancient samovars bearing the coats of arms of pre-revolutionary manufacturers. The oldest one dates back to 1891.

A few years ago, Mansur Shafkatovich started repairing samovars and became fascinated by their history, leading him to start his own collection. When he came across antique specimens, he became completely captivated by the samovar theme. The master scours storerooms and attics to collect the components for his exhibits.

One of the largest antique exhibits in his collection is a 90-liter samovar from the renowned Vorontsov brothers' factory. Vorontsov samovars, crafted by virtuoso masters, were highly valued for their quality and craftsmanship. In 1911, they were recognised at the Paris Exhibition.

One of the most amusing samovars is the kettle-shaped one. As the collector jokes, this is a genuine “Lenin's kettle”, an exact replica of the one Vladimir Lenin had in Lenin in October film.

The collector finds a special beauty in his exhibits and strives to share it with the world. That is why he presented his collection at the Zauralye-2024 Investment Sabantuy. As visitors inspect the samovars, they fondly recall joyful moments from family feasts and tea parties.

By the way, all the samovars at the exhibition are fully functional. So, those who wish will certainly be treated to tea along with an interesting story to accompany it. For example, grandmothers from Burziansky district brought a century-old samovar, which had been passed down from generation to generation within one family. The samovar bears the name of its first owner, grandfather Zaki. One can only imagine the wealth of experiences this exhibit has witnessed.

Yurts and huts were located a little further away from the samovar exhibition. Here, in the format of theatrical performances, visitors are introduced to folk customs and rituals while also sampling traditional dishes.

The park also hosts a folk art exhibition showcasing felt paintings, museum exhibits, knitted items, and more.

The exhibition of samovars and yurts was visited by participants of the Zauralye-2024 Investment Sabantuy, including Andrey Nazarov, Prime Minister of the Government of Bashkortostan, Farhod Ermanov, Chairperson of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Denis Butsayev, CEO of the Russian Environmental Operator Company, Mukhtor Shonazarov, First Deputy Head of the Agency for Mahallabay and Entrepreneurship Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and Guych Garayev, Consul General of Turkmenistan in Kazan, as well as delegations from more than 10 countries from near and far abroad, including Belarus, China, Türkiye, Iran, and Uzbekistan.

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